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Full-time or part-time!

Young or old (including retired professionals)!

Get a permanent equity forever in every deal, you set up. For every new client, we pay you a prescribed % of the service fee the client pays, for as long as this agreement is on. You can market these business services locally and abroad. The potential of commission income is limitless.

Imagine the possibility of how much you can earn in passive income?

We provide all the details, all the effort, all the guidance. You’re provided with deal-making materials. You just provide the time and effort.

We’re a small specialist business advisory practice, based in Bulawayo. We don't hire backgrounds. We hire top performers. Both, locally or foreign-based!

Are you looking for an opportunity, to build your EMPIRE? Come join our team!

Let us lay it out for you, and answer any of your questions.

  • Do you have what it takes? If you’ve any of the following traits, we would like to hear from you.
  • o Open-minded approach, and a positive mental attitude,
  • o Self-starter with deal-making skills and creativity,
  • o Desire to be the best, and a strong work ethic,
  • o A burning desire to succeed, and ability to produce results,
  • o Good communication and presentation skills,
  • o Team player, good listening and probing skills,
  • o Ability to identify local and foreign profitable collaboration opportunities
  • o Sourcing business for the firm
  • o Presenting, promoting and selling business services to local and foreign business community.
  • o Forging cordial, and profitable local and foreign business relationships.
  • o Analyzing local and foreign market potential business sales, and market trends.
  • o Compiling reports on client needs, potential challenges and interests, market intelligence, competitors’ activities and potential for new services.
  • In return, a guaranteed, performance-based fee based compensation package on all business services rendered, as long as this agreement is on. With an income earning potential of 12% to 50% in commission!
  • The commission rates shall be 20% of the service fee for one (1) new client in a month, 30% for every three (3) new clients in a month, and 50% for every five (5) new clients in a month. Thereafter, the commission rate for all old clients shall be 18% of the service fee. And from the second year onwards, the commission rate for all old clients shall be 13% of the service fee. Out of pocket expenses shall not constitute the service fee.
  • Limited slots are available locally and abroad!
  • Marketing and Sales companies are more than welcome.
  • If interested, send us an email, telling us at least one success story. Or a business challenge you overcame.
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Commission rates of 12% to 50% of service fee
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Temporary / Contract
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