Horizontal Autoclave

Technical Data:

Gemmy autoclave has been designed with reliability and safety in mind providing with efficient performance in sterilization environment . Ideal for seterilization of wrapped, unwrapped , liquid, surgical tools. Etc…In Hospital, and laboratory clinics etc…


- Double-wall stainless steel chambers insulated with glass fiber capable of preventing the heat emit efficiently. The door handle is well designed to prevent body burns.
- The critical working pressure gauges easy for monitoring the working pressure for both interior and exterior chambers.
- Sterilization timer starts working when the set temperature rises to the set point.
- Temperature is adjustable from 121℃to 132℃at 1.2kg/cm² and 2.2kg/ cm²
- Choice of functions for automatic drying cycle, water fill and dry vacuum is optional
- Pre-heating is functioning when it has come to the fully automatic drying function.
- Water bottle is up to 1.4 liters for function of automatic water feed.
- Working temperature , timing and pressure:
- Unwrapped / wrapped : 121℃to 132℃at 1.2kg/cm² , 30 minutes
- Liquid: 121℃ at 1.2kg/cm² ( use for manual drying function ) , 15 minutes
- Fast heating to reach 121℃ in 30 minutes and 132℃ in 35 minutes.
- Selection fully automatic control system working from start to the end:
Water Fill → set temp/time→ heating→ sterilization→ exhaust → dry →completion
Safety device: Safety valve + low water level alarm + over heat shutout + max pressure preset + emergency exhaust valve

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